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No Itinerary. Savour Goa with a little Waywardness

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

I find myself thinking of the beaches and the sleepy villages of Goa almost all my waking hours lately. All the cliches come to hold true when you talk of Goa. "You truly find yourself when you're lost" afterall whats Goa without a little waywardness.

I often revisit those times when finding ourselves lost an a far off island in Goa made me realise how much character this tiny little state has got etched into her. There's a reason people come her and never really leave. If wanderlust was a place then Goa is what it would look like.

On a sultry afternoon we set out to visit the iconic Jila Bakery and which in turn became a tiny South Goa expedition in itself. We sat by a natural spring and gobbled up all the eclairs we bought from there and the waywardness just went on till the sun set.

It's hard to sum up ant trip to Goa into a 1000 word post. There are moments that can just be felt by being present. That's Goa to me.

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