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Let Compassion and Kindness guide you home to Transformation.

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

More often than not we hold ourselves to unrealistic standards of perfection and then we judge ourselves for not being able to live up to them. I have often times found myself self loathing for not having that perfect looking-pinterest worthy living room or for not being able to pull off a totally instagramable headstand. And that is what has got me give up even before I started. We always strive for perfection even before we take that baby step and end up not growing at all and this in turn takes a vicious shape of self loathing and low self esteem. We constantly need to feed our mind this kind bomb of truth...

Perfection is not possible. But, transformation is! n

Our lack of self esteem manifests itself in many faces.

Constant comparison with peers and colleagues, lack of self confidence, body image issues social awkwardness and even shame.

Shame is universal. Shame doesn't work

All of us have the capacity to change , to learn and to grow no matter what our circumstances are. Being in the "now", knowing where we stand is the first step to get us to where we see ourselves. That is what they call being Mindful. Being present. I often feel guilty for my growing addiction to digital screens.

I feel guilty of letting this life slip by while I scroll through the very ordinary looking meal my mothers not so best friends daughter shared with her roomie. I feel guilty that I know so much of the world that I have lost touch with very myself. But as the saying goes "What you practice grows stronger"

I am going give myself yet another chance. To pay attention. To pay attention to the heat of my feet as they touch the cold floor in the morning. Pay attention to the wrinkles on the bed sheet I leave behind. the water touching my face and throwing in life into my day that is to follow. I am going to pay atten to my days with kindness. I promise to not shame myself for not having the perfect #wokeuplikethis glow on my face as if I had freshly walked out of a chemical peeling session. Because I know I am real and that's how the world is supposed to be.

Let out attitudes set our intentions and let our attention be towards our intentions. Let us bring in compassion into our lives because compassion leads to hope and hope brings change.

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