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Channeling my travel itch to stay sane and productive during Pandemic

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Being predominantly a wedding photographer by profession most of my job includes extensive travelling. When the lockdown hit us the world seemed to collectively suffer a jolting fear and insecurity about what the future held and I was no exception. Some feared loss of job, and some even worse-life! As the lockdown dates kept extending I could vividly see my great plans for 2020 coming crumbling down. A six-figure business- a supremely elegant Goa wedding and that cottage house in a quaint little village in Himachal. The fear was legit for a twenty-something who had taken the untrodden path of following her dream of being her own boss. Little did I know, there is always a greater power at whose whims our lives work.

But on the hindsight, for many this pandemic came as a field day to realise dreams and ideas that were lost in the dusty corners of a mind that is eternally running on autopilot. Some turned to the kitchen for solace and some decided to bring the outdoors indoors through house plants and terrace gardens Some took to blogging and some just went with the flow of creating the best looking face masks.

I found my peace in my mother's garden which I had been deprived of ever since, tending to Gerberas, Roses, Gardenias, Frangipanis and what not. I would prune them with love hoping to see new branches erupting elsewhere days later. I made friends with the Juhi Tree that has taken over the front porch and have my morning tea underneath. My favourite of all was the mango tree in the backyard which isn't big enough to be called a yard. The moss covered red bricks safeguarding it, or may be the other way round after all these years of growing intro a huge tree, almost called for attention and yet wanted to be let alone. That made for a great reading corner and escape for most other times. At times you would be greeted by not so great looking snails passing by. Although, how much ever I enjoyed the luxury of the vast garden, walking bare feet on the grasses there would still be a hallowing feeling of not being productive enough.

Later I took to painting with all my heart. Spent days trying to load and reload those skillshare classes. I finally found refuge in a humble business idea of creating daily journals and that for some unknown reason led me to creating another product that now is almost about to see the light of the day. I shall talk about that in another post. I had always wanted to create things and make them available for sales and the lockdown helped me a great deal realise that long lost dream.

Somehow all of this switching around hobbies makes my belief in the fact only stronger that " God works in mysterious ways" and everything happens for a reason.

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